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Wireless presentation & collaboration for education, training or any meeting environment – As a software-only solution!

All the advanced wireless presentation and collaboration tools offered by VIA Campus can now be used on your own PC to enhance collaborative meetings in Corporate environments and interactive learning in Education and training environments. From any laptop or mobile device, any in-room meeting participant or trainee can view the main display, edit documents together in real time, share any size file, turn the main display into a digital whiteboard, and more. VIAware also lets facilitators use e-polling and e-exams to easily and instantly measure how much students & trainees are actually learning. 

VIAware can show up to six user screens on one main display or up to 12 screens on two displays (hardware-dependent) and features iOS mirroring for MacBook, iPad, and iPhone as well as native mirroring for Chromebook, Android (Lollipop OS 5.0 or newer), and Windows phone. Remote students can easily join the class and collaborate in real time with embedded 3rd-party video conferencing and office apps. VIAware delivers the same security offered by all VIA devices and can be installed on any computer running Windows 10, providing IT managers the versatility they need. The software works seamlessly with your existing VIA clients and VIA Site Management and offers full support for all VIA Quick Connect features, such as QR Code, NFC Tag and VIA Pad.

VIAware is available as a one-time license with optional annual upgrade subscriptions or as a recurring annual subscription. 



Wireless Connection

BYOD connectivity from any PC, Mac, Chromebook, or iOS & Android device

Powerful Content Security

User authentication,1024-bit data encryption, dynamic room code

Mobile Mirroring

Show any content from your iOS, Android or Chromebook device on the main display

Full HD Video Streaming

Stream uninterrupted full-HD wireless video (up to 1080p60), images and documents in the room or from a remote location

VIA Site Management (VSM)

Monitor, control and get actionable analytics from all VIA devices on the network; schedule firmware updates, and more

Do Not Disturb (DND)

Give the presenter complete control by disabling collaboration features

VIA Pad Compatible

Touch-and-Present USB device for laptops

Windows PC Operating Platform

Can be used as an in-room Windows PC with full Windows capabilities

Enable Control

Give a participant control over a presenter's Mac or PC laptop; enable collective document editing

File Storage

Drag and drop files to the Files folder to share instantly with other users

File Sharing

Share any size file with any number of participants


Annotate, illustrate and edit shared documents: touch-screen compatible

Customizable Features

Enable or disable features based on need


Send an instant message to another participant

Native ePolling 

Offer custom e-Polling to users and produce reports

Web Browser

Access any web browser and display content from any website

Third-Party Apps

Support for office and conferencing applications such as Microsoft Office®, Skype™ for Business, GotoMeeting®, and WebEx®

4K UHD Output

Present 4K-UHD content to compatible 4K-UHD displays (hardware-dependent)

Unified Communications

Combine chat, video conferencing, team collaboration, and more in one platform


Record an entire VIA video and audio session to a local video file

Customizable Screen Layout

Present 4K-UHD content to compatible 4K-UHD displays

Streaming Output

Stream all collaboration activity from the main display to any H264 decoder

Digital Signage

Display dynamic content on the main display during meeting downtime