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Education & Training

Kramer’s education & training solutions bring plug-and-play functionality, cutting edge switching and scaling technology and user-friendly tools to help keep students and trainees engaged.

Maximize Active Learning in the Classroom

Kramer Collaborative Classroom helps teachers and instructors better engage their audiences in an active and technology-rich learning environment. From any iOS, Android or ChromeBook device, teachers and instructors can easily facilitate collaborative activities while controlling media sources, displays, AV equipment, lights, HVAC, and more.

Collaborative Classroom

Interactive Environment

BYOD and Go Wireless
With any laptop or mobile device, students or trainees can wirelessly present and share content. 

Advanced Collaboration
Share any-size file, collaborate on documents in real time, turn displays into a whiteboard, stream HD video, and more.

Easy Control
With any mobile device, teachers or instructors can control displays, media sources, AV equipment, lights, HVAC, and more

Student workgroups

Share any-size file, collaborate on documents in real time and turn the group or main display into a whiteboard

Present on a group display with any laptop or mobile device

Present on the main display with a group control panel

ePolling & eExam (quizzing) functionality

Student workgroups


Using a Kramer touch panel, teachers can easily control student group activities and who presents on the main display

Control room elements such as media sources, speaker volume, lights, HVAC, and more