Huddle Spaces

Kramer’s education & training solutions bring plug-and-play functionality, cutting edge switching and scaling technology and user-friendly tools to help keep students and trainees engaged.

BYOD and Present

Mirror iOS, MacBook, Android, and Chromebook devices, edit documents together in real time, share any size file, turn the display into a whiteboard, and more.

Easily connect, present and collaborate wirelessly with your own device.

Offers budget conscious connectivity and collaboration options from any BYOD including iOS, Android & Chromebook.

Room Offering

Kramer’s easy-setup wireless BYOD huddle space offers cutting-edge sharing and presentation features. With Kramer VIA product, this solution makes it easy to collaborate and get things done in the casual setting of any huddle space environment.

Room Style

Casual, spontaneous meeting space for 2-6 people

One display, small table

BYOD presentation and user-friendly content sharing

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