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VIA makes meetings extraordinary! Find out how.

VIA Makes Meetings Easier

Kramer’s wireless collaboration & presentation solutions are ideal for any meeting space or huddle room

VIA Presentation Feature Overview

VIA solutions let you easily step in and present from your own device

VIA File Transfer Overview

VIA solutions make it easy to share files with one or several meeting participants

VIA Collaboration Overview

VIA solutions enable meeting attendees to truly collaborate with whiteboard and file sharing features!

VIA View Main Display Overview

VIA solutions enable viewing the main display on your own device

VIA Security Overview

VIA solutions ensure your security with user authentication, 1024-bit encryption, and a dynamic room code

VIA 3rd Party Apps Overview

With VIA solutions, you can easily step in from anywhere in the world with 3rd party conference and office apps

VIA How-To Playlist

VIA How-To Playlist

Check out our training videos to learn how to connect, setup and use Kramer VIA solutions

VIA Youtube channel

VIA Youtube channel

View our entire collection of VIA product, training and featured videos